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IP DEVELOPMENT with founder of Thoughtgun Shells, Izzy Medrano!

Learn how to work as a team and with a director in this new format of IP Development course. 
Work one on one with IP developer Izzy Medrano, AKA: Cannibalcandy; the former lead concept artist at SONY Santa Monica and freelancer for film and video games, building a brand new IP. Students will work as a team learning hands-on the methods of exploring the development of a world and the characters that populate it. Izzy will begin the class prepared with the seed of an original IP. You and your fellow classmates will help nurture it into something FRESH and visually compelling.

If the class' development proves to be suitably professional, Thoughtgun Shells plans to feature the IP along with a handful of their other IPs in the book Thoughtgun Shells Volume Two! Join up and experience on the job creation with real stakes to learn all you can and see what you are made of!

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